Author Topic: Beta 1.99 Now Available  (Read 1894 times)


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Beta 1.99 Now Available
« on: December 16, 2001, 06:13:36 PM »
Available now from .


[2001.12.16] - Release 1.99 Beta

- Found that the following group of filters: 1) kill pop up windows, 2) Stop Javascript Redirects, 3) Kill Nosey Javascripts and 4) Block scripts (not .js files) [Caution: Site may not function] when enabled do not allow the following single filter to work properly: Smart pop-up windows killer.  Ran some prelimary tests of some notorious sites and disabling those four filters do not cause any ill effects.  They will be disabled now so the single one can fully function.

- The following header filters were removed due to duplication: 1) Key = "Content-Type: Text/Plain - *.EML", 2) Key = "Content-Type: Text/Plain - *.XML", 3) Key = "Content-Type: Text/Plain - *.XSL", 4) Key = "URL: Enable
local file shortcut -CIV (OUT) [x.D../PATH/FILENAME]", 5) Key = "User-Agent: Lynx 2.8 (out) ", 6) Key = "User-Agent: Netscape BEOS (out) ", 7) Key = "User-Agent: Netscape Linux (out) ", 8) Key = "User-Agent: Netscape Mac 68k (out) ", and 9) Key = "User-Agent: Opera 5.02 (out) ".

- The complete header filter online documentation is up and running at  Next phase it to get the massive web filter set online, while cleaning house as I did for the header filter set.

- Added "" to ZXList.txt.

- Added "htmlpageedit.js" for "just in case", as well as "htmlviewsrc.css".

- As of this release, there exist two package distributions... a full package release keeping the same title convention and a minimal package release that will be have the same naming convention as the full release except "m" will be added to "zx".  Hence, this particular release will have two files:

Full Release:
Minimal Release:

The inner file will also have a counterpart:

Full Release:
Minimal Release:

- "htmlWindowOpen.js" was updated.


- Added two new header filters from:

- Header Filter "Content-Type: Filter .eml/.xml/.xsl will be activated, and the corresponding duped "Content-Type: Text/Plain - *.EML, *.XML, and *.XSL" (three header filters) will be removed.


- New online help files are work in progress for the header and web filters found


- Removed "*" and "*" from the Bypass list.txt file.  Since more people are using these files now, they may not necessarily be using those sites.


- Apparently not many use Windowsupdate from Microsoft, but Al from this post quoted: does.  I found the problem, a new URL needed to be placed in the bypass list:, so now it is in there and ready for the next release.


[2001.12.16] - Release 1.99 Beta
MD5 ( = 5c1759a606c33a61733e6c11ceede4c9
MD5 ( = 10cdda7825fee28b2e8a4a0ad3fc8288