Author Topic: Beta 2.00 Released  (Read 2007 times)


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Beta 2.00 Released
« on: December 27, 2001, 04:02:30 PM »

Zhen-Xjell Configuration Files Changelog for use by Scott R. Lemmon's Proxomitron.

[2001.12.26] - Release 2.00 Beta

- Added "" to ZXList.txt.


- Added Tame Javascript from:  This consists of two filters "Tame Javascript" parts 1 and 2.  Enabling both of these will break the full functionality of the "Smart pop-up windows killer" filter. Enable these only if you do not care about opening pop-up links via "Smart pop-up windows killer".  TWo js files come with the filters, start and end, both of which are found in the html subdir.

- Added "Allow Right Click" web filter from this link:


- Added new header filter: "Location: Yahoo relocator (in)" from  This works great for the "interrupt" pages.

- Added new filter from titled: "Yahoo interrupt automatifier".  I use this tweaked up version to handle pages that come up after posting via the web interface.  Changes shown here: .


- User-Agent for Hotmail Header Filter needed updating.  I found that "" needed to be entered for Outlook Express to properly connect to the Hotmail server.  

- Added "*" to ZXList.

- Removed the web bug code from "hotmail.htm".  This file was obtained from Greg's kitchen sink originally.


- Added hotmail.htm to the html subdir in the zxlist, which will allow the hotmail filters to work properly.  The file was taken from Greg's kitchen sink filter set.

- Added two more filters to the hotmail set from Jor in this post:

- Changed the location of the hotmail.htm file in the web filter set Hotmail Login.  It pointed to dhtml/html/HotMail/HotMail.htm, but now points to dhtml/html/hotmail.htm.  Also added a "logo.gif" in the html subdir which is used by hotmail.htm.


- Added " align="absmiddle"" to the "Bypass redirects in links" web filter inside the Replacement field to align the image in absolute middle.  Thanks go to this suggestion from Aleks.

- Disabled the header filter: "User-Agent: (random)", where "User-Agent: (out) Rotate" does the job perfectly.  Thanks to RLD, I replaced a single quotation with a carriage return for the web filter: "Kill IFRAME popups".


- Added "" to ZXList.txt.