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« on: March 14, 2002, 03:26:30 PM »
I posted this over at Paul's site, but maybe someone here can make use of it too.

Two times during the last couple of years I had my autoexec.bat crippeled by some   -software I downloaded and installed. I love to download things and try it out all the time.

First time it was a nightmare to get it working again, because I could not remember everything that was in it. Second time I had a copy ready.

And there will be no third time - I hope. Now I have changed it to ready only. Why did I not think of that the first time??

Most programs ask me first before it changes anything and give me the option to change it myself, but there are a few that feel so much at home here that they just go ahead and change what they please. My registry is always protected, and now also my little vital autoexec.

Wonder what could go wrong now

Best wishes
Imici username: Arne
Best wishes
Imici username= Arne