Author Topic: Security & Privacy Threats, & E-mails  (Read 1865 times)


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Security & Privacy Threats, & E-mails
« on: April 11, 2002, 07:33:03 AM »
Hello Proxomitronic-Friends,
                           Here are some Articles that I think that you might find interesting to look at and read since they pertain to us all in one way or another:

 "My FRIENDS", . . . I hope that you don't mind if I call you all "My Friends". Even though, we might know each others real names,(and that's kinda sad, but that's the way it has to be for now, anyways). Even if we met walking on the street, we probably wouldn't reconize each other. But about a minute or two into the e-mails that some of you send to me, from time to time, I think that I could reconize who it was before I read the name. And I think it's because that we learn one's personality from reading the thoughts and feelings that are written down. And It's all right there, in between the lines, if you care to look for it. You learn who you can joke with, and who is all business. And the ones that are frightened, and ones who are frightening. There are the educators, and there are the students. There are the e-mail replies from those who you've asked for help on a certain problem, and then there is the thank You note from someone you have been able to help.(Makes you feel good, don't it?) Then there are the ones that people send to you for no other reasons other than to just say "Hello",and it picks you up when you are feeling down.
To ALL "MY FRIENDS", I most heartily thank you for the e-mails.