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updated 2002-08-14

Hi all,

I hate being caught in an invisible frame where i can not see the actual URL. This filter fixes that.

Name = "Jump out of invisible frames"
Active = TRUE
URL = "$TYPE(htm)"
Bounds = "<frameset*</frameset>"
Limit = 512
Match = "(*(cols|rows)=$AV( (*|100%) , (*|0(%|)) )*&*<frames*src=$AV(1))|"
        "(*(cols|rows)=$AV( (*|0(%|)) , (*|100%) )*&*<frames*src"
Replace = "<script> document.location="1"; </script>$STOP()"

regards, sidki

<edit by altosax>: just added the missing name of the filter
Edited by - sidki3003 on 14 Aug 2002  17:55:42

Edited by - altosax on 14 Aug 2002  20:02:48

I just realized that it works for redirects as well .


This one should also cover the other (less common) variations.


The latest version is in the first post.

Edited by - sidki3003 on 14 Aug 2002  17:52:34

i've found just few days ago a new way (but i write it here just for fun ;)

step1. install mozilla
step2. right click on frame and select "this frame/show only this frame"

but you can choose also: open frame in new tab, open frame in new window, reload frame, bookmark this frame, save frame as, view frame source, view frame info.



Right, IE has this option as well, i think it's from the IE powertoys:

----- frm2new.reg -----

[HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftInternet ExplorerMenuExtOpen Frame in &New Window]


----- frm2new.htm -----
<SCRIPT defer>

My problem was that i didn't even know i was in a frame:
zor dot org slash board

regards, sidki



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