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« on: September 01, 2002, 11:46:22 AM »
If you've played it, you know what these 3 letters mean, how did you like it? discover any alternative options? what where your thoughts about the second half of the game?

My own thoughts about it after I played it, that it is too sequential (items can't be picked up until you need them, puzzles don't work untill you need to solve them), too rigid in it's story line (if more puzzles present, need to be done in order), sometimes a bit too longwinded NPC dialogs.

Now you would think that is enough to not play it, not quite, as I said, these are my thoughts after playing it, but the game itself is of such beauty (atmosphericly speaking) and the story is so gripping that I was completely captivated by it and spent about a whole week finishing it...all I can say, despite the second part having a bit less puzzles and more story dialog, a gripping game and definitely worth playing